April 15, 2019
Leslie R
I have the best VIP Tagger. Makes it so easy to sell my kids’ clothes. Thank you!!
April 12, 2019
Darlene W
"such a blessing to so many families, a great community of people helping others!"
April 12, 2019
Jennifer S
I love the great deals and friendly help that is given. I love how organized and easy it flows.
April 11, 2019
Ranae V
Easy. Friendly staff. Extra money. Perfect consignor program
April 11, 2019
Christy P
"Friendliness of the owners. They make me feel As though I am a friend & have value. Loyalty is huge to me. "
April 11, 2019
Carla S
Very Very organized!
April 11, 2019
Paul T
"Well organized. GREAT customer service for Consignors & shoppers."
April 11, 2019
Mallory R
"I love going through my closets, getting rid of things my kids have outgrown and shopping for the coming season. Saving money, making money, and my kids think it’s Christmas when I come home from a jbf sale "
April 11, 2019
Candace H
Can get lots of cool things in one place and for great prices!
April 11, 2019
Brandy G
it's a week long sale. Great organization of everything. great people to shop and work with.
April 11, 2019
Linda M
Get the things you want/need for your kids or grandkids for a reasonable price.
April 11, 2019
Kresta T
"I have bought all of my kids clothes, holiday dresses, Halloween outfits, toys, large and small, soccer stuff, decorations.... u name it! And we have also resold everything we grow out of! Love it! "
April 11, 2019
Angela H
Easy and love cleaning out closets!
April 07, 2019
Kay L
How organized everything is plus the Christian music and amazing atmosphere!
April 05, 2019
Lutzen M
"The prices, the way the sales floor is organized and the scavenger hunt is fun,too. "
April 04, 2019
Daven T
It is an easy way for me to put money back into our family budget! This sale is so organized and the JBF Crew is awesome!
April 04, 2019
Lisa T
They are always well organized!
April 04, 2019
Casey R
"I love bargain hunting! It makes sense to me to get kids’ clothes at a consignment sale since they grow out of them so quickly! I also love consigning, and making some money back off my kids’ clothes, toys, equipment, etc!"
April 04, 2019
Holly S
"I am able to buy clothing for all four of my kids without breaking our family budget. And not just old, raggedy looking clothes ... really cute stuff!"
April 04, 2019
Sam K
well organized and friendly staff
April 04, 2019
Angela M
Almost all the items I consign sell! - Better than any other JBF sale. You have the best selection of items too!
April 04, 2019
Janna B
"I like everything about JBF! I buy clothes there, then if they're still in good shape, sell them when my kids outgrow them. Been a huge blessing to our family the past 13 years!"
April 04, 2019
Tammy A
"The selection of things from clothing to shoes to hine decor to movies, etc. Tulsa's sale is clean. The items are clean or are in good condition. Love it!"
April 04, 2019
Tosha S
It's so easy! I get to clean out my kids' closets and toy boxes without the hassle of a garage sale or driving all over town to meet people from FB Marketplace. I always make good money selling at JBF and I usually end up donating quite a bit of stuff to people in need as well.
April 04, 2019
Rachel S
"The whole event was very well organized, especially for a first time consignor. Very easy to understand and lots of great knowledgable people to ask if I had any questions. "
April 04, 2019
Laura D
I love how easy it is to make tags and since I’m a preferred consigner it’s super easy to drop off.
April 04, 2019
Mindy S
Love making money back on things that we don't need anymore and we can turn around and buy our clothes for the next season!
April 04, 2019
Chloe S
The people or great and I always sell and make the most at the tulsa event. Love!
April 04, 2019
Nicole G
"I like being able to make money from the clothing that no longer fits, in order to buy new clothing for my kiddos."
April 04, 2019
Jennifer G
I love a great place to sell my daughter’s clothes and other items and then to get quality new things.
April 03, 2019
Jeanie B
"The savings, organization. "
April 03, 2019
Destiny S
It was so easy to get rid of the baby stuff I no longer need. I made $ and other families get to enjoy the items at great prices!
April 03, 2019
Florence B
"It’s a great sale, well publized so sellers can sell well. Great stock for buyers to get their money worth."
April 03, 2019
Marisa C
I love to declutter and make some money! I love that is always VERY well organized and it’s so very easy for consigners!
April 03, 2019
Beverly G
Such a great way to share with others and make a little money too!
April 03, 2019
Jennifer J
"I love that I can buy clothes, sell clothes and still come out ahead!"
April 03, 2019
Cassie C
I love getting great brand name clothes for prices I can afford. I can shop all the things my girls need for the next six months and do very little shopping until the next sale!
April 03, 2019
LeAnna R
Easy and fun
April 03, 2019
Ann K
Finding a new home for things that are still nice
April 03, 2019
Phil M
The money
April 03, 2019
Kathleen C
Easy way to get my outgrown kids stuff to other kids that can have fun at a price families can afford.
April 03, 2019
Rhonda P
Family atmosphere and great deals
April 03, 2019
Laura L
I love recycling! It’s amazing to sell all the outgrown things and use the money to buy the next size up! Tulsa JBF is extremely organized and easy
April 03, 2019
Valerie D
"I have 4 kids and a ton of stuff. I love that I get to sell our outgrown items and earn money to buy new things that we need. Also, I’m obsessed with the huge selection of BOOKS at the sale!"
April 03, 2019
Allene D
"We love the people, helping out and the great bargins. Get most of the clothes for 2 kids every 6 months."
April 03, 2019
Brittany J
"So organized, and they owners really care about all the people involved in the sale! Such a wonderful atmosphere "
April 03, 2019
Vonda T
So much to choose from at a reasonable price
April 03, 2019
Julie F
Love the bargains! And I love Paul and Daven!
April 03, 2019
Diane H
I love JBF and I have participated since 2001!
April 03, 2019
Angela N
"I like the volunteers, the set up and you don't hold outrageous fees out of our proceeds."


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